Tuesday, December 9, 2008

music blurb 9 Dec 08

Listening to Dave Seaman's Renaissance: Desire (disc 1) and I'd forgotten how well it's made and how it instantly puts me in a great mood. Drifting in and out to Moby's "Southside" (Pete Heller Mix).

Need to document the euphoric qualities of the late 90's.

Not quite sure I enjoy Dave Seaman's progression into minimalism. Didn't care much at all for Renaissance Masters 10, although I love Renaissance Masters 7:

Hopefully over the break I'll have to time to catch up on all the music I've been buying lately. Still haven't listened to the new Danny Howells Renaissance mix and I'm very much looking forward to it.

Just got Grace Jones' Hurricane in today's mail and listened to it once. Sounded.... nice. Nothing too terribly dancy, but I'll wait for the remixes to appear, and I'm not good at judging a CD on first listen. Only a handful of my favorite CDs have ever grabbed me on the first listen (Röyksopp, Bryan Ferry, Talking Heads, Underworld's Everything Everything), most music I have to grow into.

Before I forget: I doubt this is accurate, but I have a hunch that the screaming sample that haunts most club tracks in the late 90's (see: Brainbug's "Nightmare" on Ministry of Sound's The Annual III, disc 2 [Boy George]) can be traced back to Yoko Ono's screaming "Ai ai ai ai ai ai..." from "Walking on Thin Ice". A wild-ass guess, somebody else will probably prove me wrong.