Sunday, December 7, 2008

So I wrote in my blog about starting this blog...

"Wow, that's so meta," one of my students remarked, à propos of something else entirely.

Well, lemme tellya what this isn't, sez I....

What am I doing writing a blog, fer chrissakes. As if I shouldn't be working on a hundred other things instead. Once I told my students, "If you're keeping a blog, that means I'm not giving you enough homework." Yes, as usual, all about me. Hmmm.

And you, Dear Reader? What's in this for you?

Let's assume that I'll never be writing this without a sense of guilt for all the work I should be doing instead. Let's further assume that I'll always be seeking your approval all the while protesting that I'm really just doing this for myself.

Or maybe I'm just trying to have a record for later. For the day when I'll read these words and no longer remember writing them. Could come sooner than we all think. Twice now in two weeks I've walked out of the bathroom leaving the faucet running. Not a good sign.

Okay, what this isn't: everything. Contrary to most of what's out here, I tend not to discuss my private life in public. Let's further assume that your higher-order inferencing skills will be up to discerning my foibles, predilections, distractions, affinities, etc. Perhaps you share them, too. Mmm, could be fun. Maybe. Maybe not.

I follow a lot of economics blogs. If you don't like economics, remember: this isn't for you.

I gave up on the mainstream media during the Nixon administration. If you want to know what's really going on, you've got to do some digging. Thanks to the miracle of teh Intertubes, the digging's just gotten a lot easier.

In the same way I fear that I'm losing my mind at a speed I do not realize, I also suspect that the U.S. is headed for ruin, or at least we're well advanced in the Decline and Fall phase of our national history. Never have so many been so disgusted.... So this may or may not be an interesting record of one man's decline and fall as he enters his second half-century.

"There's a lot going on in there..." my sainted therapist remarked to me recently. No shit, Sherlock. Which I just learned is translated in French as "Pour sûr, Arthur!" As always, it sounds better in French.

Yes, there's a lot going on in here. Maybe this will help me sort of that stuff out. Help me defuse that occasional thunderbolt I'm about to hurl at those within my reach (and those outside my reach as well).

Enough for now. I've already said too much.

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sean said...

you just might have re-ignited my own need to blog with this particular post... but it's fallen into a distant memory... but maybe i'll revive it one day...